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  • southerncanuck | Ask me about flashlights!
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    Dec 3, 2019
    New Orleans
    Hey all! Three bits of news to share with y'all...

    1) I'll have a table set up at the Great Southern Gun & Knife show this coming weekend 12/18-12/19 at the Alario Center. If you're at the show, pop by to say hello! If you end up buying a light from the booth, let me know you're from Bayou Shooter and I'll give you a free gift with your purchase. I'll also have a modest selection of Rosco Bloodline and BA Hanson barrels, a few complete Ballistic Advantage uppers, and a couple SilencerCo ambi lowers at the table for sale.

    2) I've also just launched an EDC light trade-in program. If you've got a handheld flashlight that you feel stuck with, but not in love with, I'll take it in trade for $20 toward the purchase of one of my lights. Doesn't matter which light it is, or what condition it's in, as long as it still works. Visit for details.

    3) Right now, the way state taxes work, everyone outside of Louisiana doesn't need to pay tax, but my brothers here in-state do. Well, I think that kinda sucks and I've been uncomfortable with it from the start, so effective immediately I'm going to stop charging additional tax on sales from Louisiana. I still need to pay the state Department of Revenue of course, but I'm going to take the hit for the sales tax out of my end.

    Don't forget, you can always use code BAYOUSHOOTER for 10% off sitewide.
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    Sep 13, 2006
    I lost mine at work last week, I need to hit you up for another. It was clipped on my vest at one point, then a little while later I only had the clip!

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