Opsec, SigInt, other Electronic Warfare

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  • theonlytalkinggoat

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    Dec 24, 2023
    With all the activity going on at the border, all the "military aged men" flooding over, we could be faced with the real possibility of a domestic fight on our hands... Red Dawn. The 1980's version, though. The enemy will have ample access to radios, GPS, night vision and electronic devices that would normally be used for fun, such as high-end drones.

    That being said, a drone, for example, could be used for surveillance, to laze a target or directly deploy munitions and explosives onto a civilian gathering.

    Deploying electronic countermeasures against a drone or jamming radio is illegal, however. Encrypting radio comms is illegal, in general.

    These threats are real, though; we have seen them used, recently, and our enemy is probably here, ready to use them. They have learned how to attack and fight actual military units, over the last 20 years, what can civilians do about it? We are supposed to be the militia, but the battlefield has changed.

    Rough Rider

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    Dec 25, 2014
    Jefferson Parish
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