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    Latest News on Colt AR-15 Rifles.

    COLT CONTINUES: Pauses Civilian AR-15 Market For Military Contracts.

    The statement also explains the company has a number of high-volume military contracts and that their entire rifle production capacity is needed to fulfil these orders.
    This is something which Colt has done in the past when completing large scale military contracts.
    The statement follows the news that the company has been awarded a $41,924,594 firm-fixed-price contract to provide M4s to more than a dozen countries through US Department of Defense foreign military sales.
    While the number of rifles to be produced is not specified the completion date is set for 18 September 2024, and depending on per rifle cost may run to between 50-70,000 rifles, not to mention earlier M4 contracts recently awarded to Colt.

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    Funny how there are so many new stories praising Colt for not making the evil black rifles anymore.

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    Yea funny how they flip the tables to try to make it look totally diff... damn pansy’s

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigchillin83 View Post
    Yea funny how they flip the tables to try to make it look totally diff... damn pansy’s
    And the Commie Pinkos do not forget them

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    On CBS radio news, someone described that underpowered rifle as a *weapon of war.* My unit got most of it’s kills with real weapons of war like the M2, MK-19, 81mm, M203, TOW, M-249 SAW, and air strikes.

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    Donít troll me bro!

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    Well that makes more sense that the original talk. Same reason Beretta halted production of the CX4 carbines, filling police and military contracts.
    Thanks for the update JB.
    Doesnít play well with TROLLS...

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