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    Daves gun shop raided by atf in lafayette la

    Coppied this off old facespace

    Tried searching on here but i kept getting nothing. Wonder what happened.

    You've likely heard that our home and Dave's Gun Shop were raided by the ATF last week. Unfortunately, the agents that did so chose not to present us with all of the information and they are stonewalling our attorneys.

    As Jeremiah told Bernadette Lee no arrests were made.

    If you have questions about your items or how to get them back, please call the ATF satellite office in Lafayette at 504-312-7000.

    This status is public, please share it.

    I am very seriously asking - if you are friends with me, Jeremiah, have shopped at Dave's Gun Shop, or are against severe government oversteps - please read and share my previous status.

    We do not have a full copy of the warrant. The agents only presented us a few pages of it, none of which stated what the actual probable cause was to justify the warrant/search and seizure.

    The cameras were on in the shop until 11:17 that night; they were unplugged after the realization that we had an attorney & the warrant listed a partial address.

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    what the heck?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyG View Post
    what the heck?
    What he said. Dave's is just down the road. That's nuts to hear. Hope you guys pull through this ok.

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    BATFE doing whatever it wants whenever it wants.

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    Donít troll me bro!

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    I’m not surprised in the least by anything I’ve read here because it’s the ATF. I hope you get things ironed out and that it won’t cost you the bank. I’m expecting this agency to completely run amok under the current nazi regime. Good luck brother.
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    Sounds like uh oh era procedure(s) . Enough to obtain record(s) of gun owner(s) and at what was sold to them . . .

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    Don't tase me bro!

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    More to this story?
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    Quote Originally Posted by George View Post
    More to this story?
    X2 I hear about this in passing at work the other day. What was the said cause for warrant?

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    I don't know these people, All I know is Deaf Dave retired several years ago, Some employees bought him out, They expanded the store some, Before it was like a shotgun house.

    Never heard of any illegal activities going on at Daves other than shooting a customer by accidental discharge.
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    I read about this in the news. Any updates? Smells fishy.

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